Evan Martin (evan) wrote in metajournal,
Evan Martin

image: brad on the front page of the oregonian

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The reported on the phone kept asking how much the deal was. I was like, "Nobody's going to tell you." He asked, "Was it at least a million?" I told him to go read the stats page, calculate our minimum revenue, and then use the 10 different formulas to calculate company valuation, and he can safely assume I wasn't screwed in the deal. "So, would it be at least a million?"


He just wanted to use the word "millionaire".
they should put that portrait of you in the wikipedia under "cocky bastard".

the deal aside, that look under that headline leaves only one impression.

That picture is years old.
I figured it was stock - my point remains.

Oh, Lawsy, what a GREAT icon. Poor Fred! ;-) And I agree that the photo is perfect...Brad's positively smirking, even if it is an older photo.
Why is it secret how much the company was purchased for? (Or is that also secret?)
Because we're both small private companies, we're not required to say anything, so what's the point?
The internets need to estimate your new hookers and blow budget.
The internets need to estimate your new hookers and blow budget.
Erm, ignore that dupe. I was posting that from my Sidekick while entering the large RF hole known as the EE basement. The request apparently made it to LJ, but the Sidekick thought, "hey, I lost signal, I'll retransmit the request when I get it back again!"
how do you like your sidekick/t-mobile in seattle? I'm [this-close] to getting one.
The data network can be flakey at times, but otherwise, it rocks.
So, like, you're not going to have a lawn in SF? Or are you going to coke up your stable of hookers and have them mow it for you?

How much are you selling the lawnmower for, anyway?
How much are you selling the lawnmower for, anyway?

Good question!
Amen and amen!! Especially if you're not publically traded. Just give 'em all raspberries (which, incidentally, are spelled out, "Pftpftpftpftpftpft!!!")

Congrats to all...I'm convinced you have, collectively, made the very best of deals insofar as the integrity of LJ is concerned.
The full article is here, complete with them mangling Six Apart's name into Six Arms.
They probably meant to write "Six Apart's LiveJournal arm's chief architect," or something awkward like that, and then they made it even more awkward by skipping a few words.
Instead, it made it sound like an Octopus. Or maybe I just need some sleep.
maybe an octopus missing two arms.

Shut up. :)

He did! He really DID call it "Six Arms" at the end of the article. How Freudian is that?! That would make Six Apart a...dare I say it...sextopus!
[slapping self sternly and ducking]
I like how the headline makes it seem like Brad made a bunch of money by 'blogging.
mike rogoway, you are a moron.